Elevating People. Achieving the Extraordinary.

At Auria, we are on a mission to bring the ingenuity, determination, and passion of exceptional people to advance our nation’s critical space programs and help solve our planet’s most pressing challenges.

Our success is built on the excellence of diverse teams advancing innovative systems and operational software to strengthen our nation’s superiority in space. With a distinguished track record and a spirit of relentless pursuit, we set the pace for progress and execute every mission with the utmost precision.

But what truly sets us apart are the countless team members working tirelessly behind the scenes whose passion and dedication fuel our drive to create a brighter future, not just for our nation, but for our planet.

But what truly sets us apart are the countless team members working tirelessly behind the scenes whose passion and dedication fuel our drive to create a brighter future, not just for our nation, but for our planet.

Auria is an end-to-end mission enterprise supporting space, satellite, and strategic deterrence programs. Our success is built on three core pillars:


Embrace the Adventure

The collective power of our teams propels us to push the boundaries of what is possible and reach new frontiers. We place people at the core of everything we do, recognizing that talent, passion, and diversity are the driving forces behind our success.


Follow Your Purpose

With a deep sense of responsibility, we leverage advanced expertise and technologies to address global challenges and protect our nation. Our vision to create a safer world, a more livable planet, and new possibilities for people drives everything we do.


Keep Looking Up

By pushing the boundaries of space technologies, we are helping build a new future where human curiosity and groundbreaking achievements will redefine our knowledge across domains and open doors to unprecedented advances.

Vision and Commitment

brand idea


Auria’s brand idea, “Elevate,” captures the essence of our company’s mission to take on the greatest challenges in space with the brilliance of exceptional people. By exploring new realms and going beyond conventional boundaries, we aspire to elevate the human experience, increase opportunity, and create a positive impact in our world.

our name


Our name, Auria, draws inspiration from “Aurora,” our planet’s dynamic light display, symbolizing the awe-inspiring nature of space, and “Aria” which blends the power of a single voice with precise instrumentals, signifying harmony, precision, and the orchestration of elements working together seamlessly. It inspires us to push further and seek the extraordinary in everything we do.

our tagline

Upward Momentum

“Upward Momentum” is more than just a tagline, it embodies the essence of our company’s purpose and spirit. It symbolizes our relentless drive to push the boundaries of space and is a reminder that no challenge is too great, no goal is unattainable, and that we are always in the service of something bigger. With “Upward Momentum” as our guiding principle, we embrace change, adapt to new opportunities, and propel ourselves further with a spirit of determination and a shared vision of a better future.

our symbol

True North

Our symbol, “True North” is an abstract representation of our integrity and commitment to excellence. Its triangular diamond shape suggests a singular force on an upward trajectory that possesses both dynamic and stable qualities. It serves as a powerful reminder of the alignment of our actions with our values and our dedication to mission success.

Our Commitment to Quality

Auria Corporate Headquarters
ISO 9001:2015 certified
Quality Management System (QMS)

We nurture a quality-centric culture through training, communicating, and promoting quality standards at all levels. We exceed our customers’ requirements by, “Doing the right thing, the right way, time after time” and continuously improving and optimizing our business operations and services.

The Auria Corporate Headquarters is located at 1755 Telstar Dr. Suite 400, Colorado Springs, CO. Auria (previously Boecore) has been ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2016 and attained its certification from Orion Registrar, Inc. Click the ORION image to view the certification.