MultiLevel Security Solutions

Auria provides advanced protection to security-critical data organizations. Our innovative tools and processes enable seamless access for users with appropriate clearances while providing stalwart security against those who do not.

Auria Multi-Level Security Solutions

Enterprise-Level Safeguards

Auria has extensive experience establishing enterprise-level safeguards such as IdAM and data protection across new and legacy systems/missions to ensure delivery of critical services. We also specialize in MLS Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) for operational implementation of information transfer between internal major components and external C5ISR system functional interfaces.

Security Architecture Analysis

We analyze security architectures and assess the cyber risk they pose to network enclaves by assessing and implementing NIST security controls and CYBERSAFE overlays. Our security engineering, evaluations, testing, analysis, experience runs across Windows, VMWare, and Linux based servers and workstations and all security classification levels.

Auria MLS Innovation and Leadership

MLS in DevSecOps

Auria was among the first companies to prove MLS could successfully function in a DevSecOps production environment, well before it was an established and accepted process.

Defense and Intelligence

Our customers include the United States Space Force, Navy, Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and intelligence community. We also have had tremendous success working with Joint and Combined/Coalition systems.

Rugged Flyable Routing

Auria created PRISM, a ruggedized Small Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) CDS for tactical platforms. It offers hardware-level isolation between security levels, scalability, and concurrent operation through a state-of-the-art FPGA-based System on Chip (SoC). PRISM facilitates IP-based communications across various security domains and tactical networks (e.g., TTNT, Link 16) for both manned and unmanned platforms.

AI and Machine Learning

Auria’s Cognitive Autonomous Artificial System Intelligence (CAASI) is an AI and unsupervised Machine Learning solution designed to detect network anomalies and zero-day attacks. Our patented ML algorithm and deep learning approach analyze large volumes of data and network traffic, ensuring MLS enforcement. CAASI characterizes connections, conducts in-depth analysis, and adapts to varying network and system conditions, identifying potential cyber threats. It has been adopted by an ACAT Navy PoR.

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