On-Demand Satellite Imaging

SpyMeSat provides real-time satellite awareness and on-demand access to high-resolution satellite images.

Satellites at Your Fingertips

SpyMeSat puts up-to-the-minute satellite tracking, on-demand imagery purchases, satellite image access, and request for new satellite images from anywhere on Earth at your fingertips.

Real-Time Awareness

SpyMeSat notifies you when satellites are overhead, providing imaging satellite overflight notifications based on your location. Configure notifications by resolution, satellite, and more. Access real-time data during overflights, even offline.

On-Demand Access

Browse and purchase the latest satellite images with ease. Preview and order images instantly. Create favorites lists and get notified when new images are available.

New Imagery Collection

Use SpyMeSat’s Tasking feature to request fresh satellite images of any location on Earth. Choose from various satellites, review options, and select the best fit. Stay informed with regular status updates from satellite operators.

Custom Solutions

Deploy SpyMeSat as a white-labeled solution for private satellite tasking and imagery archive access. Quick, cost-effective, and low risk customization options are available.

Features and Benefits

Real-Time Satellite Awareness

Notifies users when satellites are overhead.

On-Demand Satellite Tasking

Request satellite images of any location on Earth.

New Satellite Imagery

Access the latest high-resolution satellite images instantly.

Satellite Image Archive Access

Browse and purchase satellite images with ease and create favorites lists for quick access.

Custom Configuration

Can be deployed as a white-labeled solution for private satellite tasking and imagery archive access.

À la Carte Image Purchase

Affordable pricing that allows you to tailor your satellite imagery solutions.

Get Started

Simplify your imagery needs with SpyMeSat. Say goodbye to waiting for feasibility studies and quotes. Get SpyMeSat today.

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