Satellite Communications (SATCOM)

Auria supports specialized satellite systems designed to serve the unique communication needs of DoD forces globally.

Auria Satellite Communications (SATCOM)

Advanced SATCOM Technology

At Auria, SATCOM represents a nexus of advanced technology, ensuring rapid, secure, and reliable communications. These systems provide unparalleled Command and Control and connectivity for our forces worldwide.

Strategic SATCOM Operations

Auria supports SATCOM strategic operations such as real-time surveillance, reconnaissance, and intelligence gathering. As threats evolve, SATCOM ensures our armed forces remain a step ahead, offering resilience against adverse effects (e.g., weather, electromagnetic interference, etc.) and advanced security protocols to thwart interception.

Enhancing DoD Effectiveness

At Auria, our SATCOM expertise means being at the forefront of technology that safeguards our nation and enhances the effectiveness of DoD operations across the SATCOM Enterprise.

Auria SATCOM Product Innovation

Terminal Management Resource System (TeRMS)

Automated Decision-Making

Automates decision-making using existing modem and terminal technology to maintain and restore beyond-line-of-sight transmissions across the SATCOM Enterprise.

Automated Synchronization

Provides automated synchronization of operations across terminals in the SATCOM Enterprise.

Situational Awareness

Delivers near real-time detailed situational awareness of SATCOM transmissions.

Multiple Modes

Allows for automated or human-on-the-loop restoral actions.

Multi Frequency Planning Application (MFPA)

Dynamic SATCOM Frequency Allocation

Automated resource allocation tool that delivers dynamic SATCOM frequency allocation to enable effective and efficient resource planning, while also allowing for contingency planning and Operation Plan (OPLAN) planning.

Scalabe Microservice Architecture

Implements a scalable microservice architecture that facilitates real-time collaboration and the rapid deployment of new capabilities to users.

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