Autonomous Planning System

Modular and Responsive Flight Planning

APS offers configurability and flexibility with a modular architecture that allows for rapid assembly and reconfiguration of planning
systems from individual components to meet both initial and changing mission goals.

Precision and Flexibility

APS incorporates Specialized Autonomous Planning Agents (SAPAs) for specific planning needs and domain-specific algorithms. Plans from SAPAs are integrated by a Master Autonomous Planning Agent (MAPA), enabling rapid responses to opportunities.

Just-in-Time Accuracy

APS updates the command queue based on new event data within a configurable “just-in-time” timeline. It operates independently or collaboratively with ground commands, employing specialized planning agents for responsive mission planning.

Coordinate Multiple Spacecraft

MAPA/SAPA architecture enables flexible constellation planning with event message handling from different sources. APS offers adaptable onboard automation, crucial as more spacecraft require coordinated activities for mission goals.

Modular and Extensible

The MAPA/SAPA architecture offers flexibility, modularity, suitability for onboard use, and extensibility to various satellite planning domains, ensuring efficient autonomous planning and resource allocation for satellite missions.

Features and Benefits

Modular and Configurable Architecture

Rapid assembly and reconfiguration of planning systems.

Specialized Autonomous Planning Agents (SAPAs)

Ensures efficient and responsive mission planning for domain-specific algorithms.

Master Autonomous Planning Agent (MAPA)

Integrates plans from SAPAs, enabling rapid response and coordinated planning across multiple spacecraft.

Just-in-Time Planning

Ensures accuracy and responsiveness to changing conditions.

Multi-Spacecraft Coordination

Facilitates flexible constellation planning.

Flexibility and Modularity

Adaptable for onboard use and extensible to various satellite planning domains.

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