Imagery Collection

Auria delivers new technologies and innovations to meet the challenges of satellite imagery collection planning.

Auria Imagery Collection

Coordinated Planning

Satellite imagery collection planning is inherently complex, involving a vast solution space that encompasses numerous variables related to satellite and sensor capabilities, ground networks, and system constraints such as power, data storage, pointing, agility, and more.

A Complex Environment

Optimizing imagery collection plans that maximize resources is a complex challenge. This challenge is further compounded by the need to meet the demands of multiple planning sessions, covering constellations of spacecraft with short turnaround times, making efficient planning essential in the dynamic realm of satellite operations.

Sophisticated Scheduling Algorithms

Auria meets the challenges of satellite imagery collection planning with sophisticated scheduling algorithms, and high-fidelity imagery collection plans suitable for operational use, analysis, or imagery ordering.

Complete Planning Requirements

Auria’s solutions manage complete planning needs, covering contact scheduling, recorder management, power, antenna modeling, and more. Variables like cloud cover, terrain, timing, agility, and sensor capabilities are considered. The process can be manual, automated, or anywhere in between, accommodating requests from single images to complex orders involving mixed EO and SAR spacecraft.

Unparalleled Versatility

Auria provides the only solutions capable of generating coordinated imagery collection plans for a wide array of satellite types within a single integrated system. Whether dealing with fully agile optical imagers, fixed-beam SAR spacecraft, push-broom imagers with limited agility, or frame cameras, Auria offers precise solutions.

A Single System for All Collection Needs

Auria’s satellite imagery collection solutions benefit satellite operators, analysts, and customers with diverse fleets or access to multiple spacecraft. Our solutions consolidate planning into a single system, enhancing efficiency, synergy, and value compared to using disconnected solutions for various satellite types.

Auria Imagery Collection Innovation and Leadership

Multi-Satellite Planning

Coordinated planning for a diverse range of satellites.

Efficiency and Value

Consolidate planning processes into a single system.

Manual to Automated Planning

Adaptable to different mission needs.

Versatile Fleet Management

Optimize resource utilization.

High-Fidelity Plans

Enhance mission effectiveness with precision imagery collection.

Comprehensive Planning

Manage everything from contact scheduling and recorder management to power and antenna modeling.

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