Space Domain Awareness

Auria supports the Space and Missile Center (SMC) in its mission to develop, acquire, field, and sustain military space systems.

Auria Space Doman Awareness

Specialized Systems for Complex Space Operations

The SMC includes multiple mission satellite operations that are responsible for supporting a growing inventory of increasingly complex space vehicles that support operational forces in peace and wartime.

Research Satellites

Auria supports specialized mission operations for The Space Missile Center (SSC) Space Development and Test Directorate’s (SD) Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Support Complex (RSC) as it flies new and advanced satellite prototypes designed to forward our nation’s defense mission in space.

Enterprise Ground Systems

The U.S. Air Force SSC ADG partners with Auria in developing the Multi-Mission Satellite Operations Center (MMSOC) command and control ground system, contributing to mission success through expert systems engineering. Our collaborative efforts enhance the affordability and effectiveness of the Ground System Enterprise (GSE) for diverse missions.

SSC (formerly AFSCN)

With expertise in software engineering and cybersecurity, Auria supports the Satellite Control Network (SSC), a global network of communications and computer systems that support a growing inventory of increasingly complex space vehicles critical to operational forces in peace and wartime.

Wideband Satcom

Auria provides technical support to the Wideband Satellite Communication Operations Centers (WSOCs) to help integrate the satellite control missions-related networks and information systems that provide wideband satellite control in support of the commander for the Joint Functional Component Command for Space.


To connect warfighters with a more agile and jam-resistant satellite communications (SATCOM) system, Auria provides software engineering and cybersecurity support to a new Protected Tactical SATCOM (PTS) system by enhancing and deploying our RMF Automation and Management Solution (RAMS) tool to support cybersecurity accreditation requirements.

Space C2 & Space Domain Awareness

Auria supports the space domain in detecting, tracking, and identifying all natural and artificial objects in Earth’s orbit, as well as continuous preparation of the battlespace to fight and win in the space domain.

ARMY Space Control

Providing mission training and cybersecurity support, Auria partners with The Army Space and Missile Defense Command to help leverage and enhance the use of space assets in providing worldwide training support services 1st Space Battalion Soldiers who comprise Army Space Support Teams, JTAGS, and Space Control Crews.

Space Surveillance

Auria provides systems engineering, software engineering, and cybersecurity support to the Space Command and Control (C2) program at SpaceCAMP and SurfCAMP that provide critical services to our US Space Force Delta’s to facilitate timely, quality battle space decisions.


Our systems engineering, software engineering, and mission training teams provide support for the ground-based Space Domain Awareness (SDA) sensors and Space Battle Management Command and Control (BMC2) systems that provide integral space based capabilities to the US Space Force and the National Space Defense Center (NSDC).

Gamified Space Planning & Training System

BORG, Auria’s battlespace operational readiness game revolutionizes C2 Operator training with engaging, mobile, and cost-effective gamified learning, enhancing skill retention and mastery through single or multi-player campaigns, rewards, and instructor access to performance metrics and curriculum authoring, ensuring operational readiness.

Auria Space Domain Awareness Innovation and Leadership

Research Satellite Support

Specialized mission operations expertise for advanced satellite prototypes.

Enterprise Ground Systems

Expert systems engineering to help improve the effectiveness and affordability of the Ground System Enterprise (GSE).

Satellite Control Network (SSC) Support

Engineering and cybersecurity for complex space vehicle communications.

Wideband Satcom Assistance

Technical support for integrating satellite control mission-related networks and information systems.

MILSATCOM Cybersecurity

Advanced products that support cybersecurity accreditation requirements.

Space Domain Awareness

Support for detection, tracking, and identification of objects in Earth’s orbit.

Gamified Training

Enhancing C2 operator readiness with engaging and cost-effective mobile training products.

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