Secure Software Engineering

Auria implements DevSecOps concepts that emphasize embedding security within the software development lifecycle to produce software resilience against cyberattacks.

Auria Secure Software Engineering

Security by Design

Auria advocates for “Security by Design,” where security is an integral aspect from the onset rather than an addition. Key practices include threat modeling to anticipate potential vulnerabilities and employing secure coding techniques to prevent common threats. Adhering to the least privilege principle ensures components only access necessary resources.

Continuous Security

Auria conducts continuous security audits, testing, and patch management vital for identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities. Additionally, our Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines provide secure tools and development methods to bolster software resiliency within complex space systems. Auria’s holistic approach not only mitigates risks but also fosters trust with users by safeguarding data.

Auria Secure Software Engineering Product Innovation

Automated Deployment and Test Management System (ADTMS)

Advanced Tools

Bridges the CI/CD pipeline gap into operational environments using prepackaged, cyber-hardened, and regularly maintained tool stack that enables configuration management, automated deployment, and automated testing cycles to deliver the benefits of DevSecOps

DevSecOps Repository

Provides a repository to check-in artifacts, hold playbooks and test scripts, and supply a pipeline to orchestrate DevSecOps concepts

Automated Deployment and Testing

Enables automated deployment and testing using a configurable set of tools and applications selected by the customer to provide the capability to deploy containers via air gapped systems

Host Foundry (HF)

STIG Compliant

Automates customizable cyber hardened, STIG compliant operating system templates and endpoint management scripts as a service

Rapid Delivery

Provides build-to-suit customizations and a custom delivery cadence using fully auditable builds that provide automated vulnerability scanning and faster remediation cycles for faster delivery to target systems

Automated CI/CD

Allows for customized builds based on customer requirements supported by a cloud-hosted, fully automated CI/CD development environment to build and harden each template from scratch prior to posting to a repository for digital download or shipment

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