Alex Herz

Executive Vice President, Space Scheduling & Autonomy Products

As Executive Vice President of Space Scheduling and Autonomy Products, Alex brings a depth of experience supporting complex space missions. His career started as a Space Shuttle console operator at mission control in Houston, after which, he was promoted to Director at Omitron where he spent 6 years overseeing ground system programs for NASA. Alex then co-founded Orbit Logic, where as President he helped build the company into the industry leader for COTS planning, scheduling, and autonomy software for space systems.  He designed and managed the development of products for collection planning and general space system scheduling, including the first-ever mobile app for satellite tasking. Alex enjoys focusing on the early stages of programs and meeting or exceeding program requirements by leveraging and extending Auria’s industry-leading software product capabilities to provide revolutionary, efficient, and optimized software solutions. 

Alex is an avid horse rider and carriage driver, enjoys traveling the world with his family, collects coins, loves to split firewood, and is an excellent shot with a bow and arrow.