Automated Deployment and Test Management System

DevSecOps Configuration Management, Automated Deployment, and Automated Testing

Bridge the CI/CD pipeline gap into operational environments with a prepackaged, cyber-hardened, and regularly maintained tool stack that enables configuration management, automated deployment, and automated testing cycles.

Rapid Software Production

Government entities are challenged to keep up with evolving DevSecOps guidance that emphasizes rapid software production. Operational environments, including testing and production domains, often lack essential infrastructure and tools like binary and source repositories, deployment pipelines, and automated test suites, hindering progress.

Tailored to Specific Requirements

ADTMS provides a highly adaptable approach for implementing essential configuration management, deployment automation, and test automation tools within operational environments. The core ADTMS offering consists of a versatile physical or virtual appliance that is tailored to the specific requirements of each customer environment.

Advanced Tools

ADTMS, powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux, comes pre-loaded with a customizable selection of applications and tools from an extensive library, allowing customers to introduce new tools as needed while maintaining rigorous cybersecurity standards through regular updates.

Flexible Licensing

ADTMS includes options for customers to manage product licenses, allowing you to use existing licenses or procure new ones through Auria. If you need a specialized workstation for test development and management, Auria offers the flexibility to host tools and applications requiring a client-side component.

Features and Benefits

Rapid Software Development

Accelerate software production in alignment with DevSecOps guidance.

Tailored Implementation

Adaptable to specific customer environment requirements.

Comprehensive Toolset

A diverse set of applications and tools for configuration management, deployment automation, and test automation.

Cybersecurity Standards

Ensures rigorous cybersecurity standards with regular updates and STIG compliance.

Licensing Flexibility

Customers have options to manage product licenses, including using existing licenses or obtaining new ones.

Test Workstation Support

Flexibility to host client-side tools and applications for test development and management.

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