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Hardened Operating System Template Foundry

STIG Compliance on any Cycle

Customizable cyber-hardened, STIG-compliant operating system templates and endpoint management scripts for compliant output at the required cadence with the desired level of testing and scanning.

HOST Foundry Advantages

Ever-evolving Government-mandated quarterly cybersecurity updates pose significant challenges for DoD system integrators. Time-consuming manual processes are error-prone, lack documentation, and fail to establish an auditable data chain of custody. Cybersecurity teams often grapple with these manual tasks, diverting resources from mission-critical activities.

Every Development Stage

TAF replaces manual processes with efficient automation at every development stage, from code check-in to application deployment, seamlessly integrated into the pipeline. By leveraging industry-accepted frameworks and services, TAF delivers a reliable and extensible process that supports multiple levels of production testing, including unit testing, security testing, performance testing, and system/integration testing.

Automated Cybersecurity Updates

HOST Foundry provides a streamlined approach to delivering STIG compliant OS images within government-mandated quarterly release cycles. This approach enables government entities to efficiently address the stringent cybersecurity requirements imposed on their operating systems.

Compliant Output

Customers collaborate with HOST Foundry to identify custom build and application requirements and subsequently subscribe to a service tier tailored to their specific needs. This subscription ensures the consistent delivery of compliant output at the required cadence, accompanied by the desired level of testing and scanning.

Cloud-Hosted, Fully Automated

HOST Foundry uses a cloud-hosted, fully automated CI/CD development environment, which serves as the backbone for building and hardening each OS template from scratch. The resulting templates are made available through a repository for easy access, allowing for digital downloads or shipment on physical media as per the customer’s preference.

Ansible Automation Scripts

HOST Foundry offers the option to obtain the Ansible automation scripts in addition to the hardened OS images. This added flexibility empowers customers to manage their own CI/CD build pipelines and implement endpoint management solutions for seamless remediation of machines following deployment from a previous image.


Features and Benefits

STIG Compliant OS Images

STIG compliant OS images on customizable delivery cycles.

Customized Build Requirements

Custom build and application requirements for tailored OS images.

Service Tier Subscription

Select a service tier to receive compliant output at their desired cadence, including testing and scanning.

Automated CI/CD Environment

Cloud-hosted, fully automated Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) environment builds and hardens templates from scratch.

Ansible Automation

Ansible automation for all build processes, with the option to receive Ansible scripts.

Agile Cybersecurity Solution

Agile and adaptable solution for meeting stringent government cybersecurity requirements

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