STK Scheduler

Rapid Planning for Space Systems

Upgrade your space system planning with STK Scheduler. Create and update schedules quickly and efficiently, reducing resource requirements.

STK Scheduler Advantages

STK Scheduler offers flexible resource modeling, configurable constraints, and task definition for any space system scheduling challenge. Solve complex satellite scheduling problems in minutes, not hours.

STK Scheduler Online Dashboard

Better Solutions Faster

The unique approach to task and resource definition along with the powerful algorithm implementation in STK Scheduler creates better solutions faster with easier configuration than traditional rule-based planning systems.

STK Scheduler Desktop Gantt

All Mission Types and Phases

STK Scheduler excels across diverse missions, spanning LEO, GEO, interplanetary, lunar, and asteroid environments, accommodating satellites, ground stations, sensors, antennas, payloads, operators, and equipment racks for spacecraft manufacturers, mission planners, operators, and long-range forecasters.

Mid and Long-Range Mission Planning

STK Scheduler handles feasibility assessments, real-time operations, mid-range planning, and long-range mission management, covering modeling, integration, testing, pre-launch, launch, early-orbit, and on-orbit phases.

STK Visualization

Flexible Deployment

STK Scheduler offers flexible deployment options including desktop for individual users with seamless STK integration, Online with multi-user web interface and customizable permissions, Windows Service for uninterrupted operation, AWS Cloud for scalable workloads, and Docker Container on Linux for faster, secure deployments.

Features and Benefits

Manual or Automated Planning

Create schedules manually or automate the planning process.

Automated Deconfliction

Ensure efficient scheduling and resource allocation.

Standard or Custom Algorithms

Flexible options to meet your specific scheduling needs.

Tunable Figure of Merit

Optimize your scheduling criteria.

STK Integration

Integrate with other software for a cohesive planning solution.

Animated Schedules with 3D Visualization

Improve situational awareness.

Multi-Satellite/Constellation Planning

Supports diverse mission requirements.

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Advance your space system planning with STK Scheduler today. Streamline the scheduling process and ensure optimal resource allocation.

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