Embarking on a New Frontier: Introducing Auria—Advancing Complex Space, Missile, and Cyber Operations

Auria Brand

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of our new brand—Auria. 

January 1, 2024

Auria reflects the combined excellence and capabilities of Boecore, Orbit Logic, Ascension, and La Jolla Logic, four visionary Space and National Security companies united under a single new brand. 

“We have been looking forward to this since bringing the companies together and have been hard at work developing Auria, a brand with the ability to reflect our unique purpose, diverse people, and incredible potential. We’re tremendously excited to be united as Auria and look forward to the journey ahead,” said Auria CEO, Tom Dickson. 

Auria’s Mission: Pushing the Boundaries of Space

At Auria, we are driven by a shared mission to advance complex space, missile, and cyber operations with visionary solutions and software. Our commitment to assembling leading experts and brilliant teams positions us to tackle the most challenging missions in these dynamic domains. 

The Essence of Auria: A Powerful Brand 

“Auria” represents our commitment to excellence and innovation. The triangular symbol in our logo suggests a singular force on an upward trajectory with both dynamic and stable qualities. It serves as a powerful reminder of the heights we can reach when we work together toward a shared vision. 

Our Name: Why Auria? 

Our name, Auria, draws inspiration from “Aurora,” our planet’s natural light display, symbolizing the awe-inspiring nature of space, and “Aria” which blends the power of a single voice with precise instrumentals, signifying harmony, precision, and the orchestration of elements working together seamlessly. It inspires us to push further and seek the extraordinary in everything we do.  

Upward Momentum: More Than a Tagline 

“Upward Momentum” is not just a tagline; it is the essence of our company’s purpose and spirit. It symbolizes our relentless drive to go higher and serves as a reminder that no challenge is too great, no goal is unattainable, and that we are always in the service of something bigger. 

What We Do: Advancing in Space and Key Domains 

Auria offers solutions and rapidly deployable products to power critical space and national security missions with enhanced speed, precision, and security. 

  • Space Systems: Maximizing the precision and effectiveness of space-based assets with seamless coordination of complex operations. 
  • National Security: Advancing innovations in missile defense, strategic deterrence, space domain awareness, and early warning systems. 
  • System Protection: Leading the charge in system protection for cyber defense, mission assurance, multi-level security, and secure software engineering. 


With our new brand guiding us, Auria invites you to join us on this extraordinary journey as we push the boundaries of space technology for our nation and our planet.  

Learn more at Auria.space and follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with the latest developments and join the conversation. 


About Auria

Auria advances complex space, missile, and cyber operations with visionary solutions and software that ensure smooth and precise execution. Our success is built on the excellence of diverse teams advancing innovative systems and operational software to strengthen our nation’s superiority in space. With a distinguished track record and a spirit of relentless pursuit, we set the pace for progress and execute every mission with the utmost precision. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, with operations in Boulder, CO, Washington, DC, Albuquerque, NM, Huntsville, AL, Ogden, UT, and San Diego, CA, Auria deploys advanced AI and technologies that help secure our nation and increase knowledge of our planet. For more information, visit Auria.Space.