Blue Force Defender

Elevating IAMD Training

Experience the future of IAMD training with Blue Force Defender, a leading-edge product that empowers Missile Defense Planners to master planning in a dynamic IAMD mission space.

Hands-on Immersive Gameplay

By harnessing the power of gamification, Blue Force Defender transforms training into an engaging experience, making learning enjoyable and effective. Through hands-on, visually immersive gameplay, it offers an effective means for learners to acquire and retain proficiency, ensuring they maintain their operational edge.

Engaging Visuals and Competitive Rewards

Blue Force Defender provides hands-on gaming experiences that include engaging visuals and competitive rewards to keep the training experience motivating and exciting. Go beyond the classroom to enhance operational proficiencies in Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) planning with an innovative and effective training experience.

Highly Extensible

Blue Force Defender is highly extensible, allowing for easy configuration to adapt to evolving mission requirements, tailor training programs, and mirror real-world scenarios, including Multi-Domain Operations (MDO). This adaptability makes it a versatile and invaluable asset for enhancing training effectiveness and readiness.

Key Features and Benefits

Dynamic Blue and Red Force Laydown

Realistic scenarios with interactive simulations.

Commander’s Guidance and Intel Briefings

Comprehensive guidance and briefings.

Diverse Asset Range

Access diverse assets, including weapons, threats, sensors, sites, and more.

Sensor Coverage and Engagement

Assess sensor coverage and engage with assets strategically.

Realistic Defense Playback:

Review and analyze real-time defense scenarios.

Extensible for Real-World Scenarios

Engage in real-world scenarios, including Multi-Domain Operations (MDO).

Flexible and Adaptable

Easily configured to align with evolving curriculums and mission requirements.

Upcoming Features

Turn-based multiplayer mode; Joint mission planning; Event reconstruction; and AI and machine learning automated scenario generation.

What's Included

Annual subscription with reduced renewal fees

Free trials and introductory pricing

Desktop applications

In-game tutorials and help

Email tech support and online FAQs

Additional Services

Instructor  training

Scenario development

Custom Module Creation

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Blue Force Defender prepares you for real-world Space C2 operations with engaging scenarios that boost skill retention and operational readiness. Are you ready for the future of IAMD training?

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