Battlespace Operational Readiness Game

Advanced Space Training System

Experience cutting-edge training technology designed for diverse and critical Space environments.

Dynamic Gameplay

Designed and tested in MDA environments, BORG brings advanced gaming technology to the most critical Space training environments. Built on the Unity game engine, BORG delivers dynamic gameplay to improve user engagement, skill retention, performance assessment, and sustained operational readiness.

Filling a Critical Need

“If we have exquisite weapons systems and systems on-orbit to provide joint capabilities, but our Guardians and our operators don’t have the skills, training, or experience they need to make the most of those systems, then we’re not fully combat ready—ready for those critical mission tasks.”

—Lt Gen Saltzman, Chief of Space Operations USSF

Designed for Operations

With a secure and extensible code base and continuously increasing library of add-ons and assets, BORG is customizable to your unique operational needs and environment.

Key Features and Benefits

Rendezvous Proximity Ops (RPO)

Practice crucial operations skills for space missions.

Frames of References

Learn about inertial and RIC reference frames for precise navigation and control.

Fuel Awareness and Cooldown Periods

Understand the importance of fuel management and cooldown periods in space operations.

LEO/GEO Scenarios and Sandbox Mode

Experience a range of scenarios, or experiment freely.

AI-Enabled Red Adversary

Face off against a dynamic adversary to enhance your tactical skills.

Engagement Zones and Waypoints

Learn to navigate complex space environments.

TLE Editor and Import

Customize your training experience by editing or importing TLE data.

Multiple Play Modes:

Features Campaign and Skirmish Modes, Leaderboards, and Rewards.

In-Game Tutorials, Glossary, and Lessons

Access helpful resources to enhance your learning.

Upcoming Features

Web-based application for greater flexibility; On-orbit AI-enabled offensive adversary; Scenario playback; Orbital threats and analysis; SATCOM RF and jamming lesson.

What's Included

Annual subscription with reduced renewal fees

Free trials and introductory pricing

Web-based and desktop applications

In-game tutorials and help

Email tech support and online FAQs

Additional Services

Instructor and classroom training

Scenario development and lesson tailoring

Module and feature development

Get Started

With BORG’s dynamic play modes and tutorials, players build muscle memory and intuition, honing their skills to maintain an operational edge. Elevate your space training with BORG today.

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