Cognitive Autonomous Artificial System Intelligence

Intelligent Threat Awareness

CAASI applies artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to identify malicious activity on networks, including direct hack attempts, viruses, bots, and insider threats.

Detect Anomalous and Unknown Activity 

Developed to address the limitations of traditional cyber solutions, CAASI, is an unsupervised ML software product that excels at identifying previously unknown threats without the need for prior identification. This revolutionary tool’s adaptability makes it applicable not only to defense operations but also to federal agencies and commercial organizations with critical infrastructure and industrial control system networks, ushering in a new era in advanced cybersecurity

Broad Government and Commercial Application

Applies to any network including critical infrastructure networks and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) making CAASI ideal for a broad range of applications including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). 

Always Learning and Improving

Continuously learns and improves without the need for guidance or interaction, enabling CAASI to recognize patterns, make predictions, and adapt to changing data. 

Improves Speed and Accuracy

Immediately detects unregistered threats across all cyber networks without prior knowledge of vulnerabilities or exploitation methods. 

Adapts to Changing Threats

Applies unsupervised machine learning to identify and adapt to new threats, countering hostile actions before damage is done. 

Reduces Analyst Response Times

With continuous unsupervised learning, CAASI provides analysts with immediate and up to date information on threats and anomalies. 

Integrates Across Platforms and Networks

Seamlessly integrates across diverse systems without the need for additional hardware or firmware. 

Goes Beyond Cyber

The software has applications beyond cybersecurity with its ability to understand complex interactions and behaviors between systems and networks. 

Key Features and Benefits

Automated Detection

Detects anomalous communication on networks, identifying potential threats from direct hack attempts, viruses, bots, or insider threats.

Threat Adaptability

Detects previously unseen threats without requiring a fingerprint or prior knowledge, limiting the propagation of malware.

Immediate Response

Detects unregistered threats across networks without prior knowledge and immediately responds.

Continuous Learning

Continuously learns from network communications, recognizing patterns and identifying irregularities for improved threat detection.

Automated Alerts

CAASI flags potential threats and alerts operators, providing them with immediate and up-to-date information.

Flexible Integration

Runs seamlessly on diverse networks, including critical infrastructure and industrial control systems.

Reduction in False Positives

Demonstrating exceptional performance in industrial control system (ICS) networks, CAASI minimizes false positives, ensuring accurate threat detection.

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