Collection Planning and Analysis Workstation

Maximize Satellite Imagery

CPAW delivers rapid and scalable, optimized image planning with high-fidelity spacecraft modeling, multiple advanced scheduling algorithms, and a user-friendly interface.

Next Level Collection and Analysis 

CPAW collection planning employs validated models to simulate and predict physical and spacecraft subsystem environments, ensuring operational-fidelity scheduling. It generates ready-to-use plans, not just access determinations, benefiting both satellite operators and imagery customers seeking maximum value from their budget. 

Sample CPAW STK Map View

Automated and Manual Planning  

CPAW offers multiple algorithms for conflict-free collection plans. Users can edit plans manually with instant model validation. Lights-out mode generates “just-in-time” plans. Cesium visualization provides situational awareness for analysis, design, and system throughput. 

Smart Constellation Planning 

One CPAW workstation handles individual or collaborative constellation planning for diverse satellites. Task specifications are honored even with multiple satellites for cost-efficient completion of areas. 

Contact Scheduling and Recorder Management  

CPAW automatically schedules contacts and imports schedules from external sources. It manages onboard recorders with customizable settings for different missions. 

Efficient Order Management  

CPAW’s order management accepts external tasking and tracks fulfillment for large areas. Order Logic extends these capabilities in a web-based application. 

Enterprise-Ready Solutions 

Extend CPAW with Order Logic app and SpyMeSat for remote tasking. Custom deployments include distributed tasking and cloud computing for enterprise performance. 

Swift Satellite Integration 

CPAW quickly integrates new satellites with in-app parameter configuration. Plug-in interfaces support various imaging models for easy replacement and expansion. 

Features and Benefits

Optical/SAR/Hyperspectral Satellites

Supports a wide range of satellite types and sensors.

Space and Ground Targets

Plan collections for both space-based and ground-based targets.

Hi-Fidelity Spacecraft Models

Ensure accuracy in collection planning with high-fidelity spacecraft models.

Multiple Planning Algorithms

Create conflict-free collection plans with multiple advanced scheduling algorithms.

Operational Imagery Collection Plans

Operational-fidelity collection plans, not just access determinations.

Map Visualization in STK and Cesium

Visualize and analyze plans using map visualization tools for enhanced situational awareness.

Low-risk COTS Solution

Operationally ready in a matter of days

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With advanced functionality, CPAW increases efficiency, information sharing, rapid decision-making, and accuracy in planning and coordination of satellite imagery.

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