Gamified Astrodynamics Trainer

Keplera offers a captivating and interactive way to grasp the fundamentals of Astrodynamics and Orbital Mechanics.

Interactive Space Maneuvers

Say goodbye to boring lectures and hello to dynamic training with Keplera, an engaging learning experience that challenges students to take their learning further. Dive into the world of satellites, orbits, and space maneuvers through interactive gameplay. Boost your skill retention, assess your performance, and reduce training time and costs.

Quickly Master Learning Objectives

With gameplay incentives, multiple play modes, and competition levels, Keplera helps students quickly master learning objectives and retain proficiency. Instructors benefit from performance analytics and scenario authoring and the user-friendly, affordable virtual environment supports evolving learning objectives.

Multiple Gameplay Modes

Keplera’s intuitive game interface offers skirmish and campaign modes, promoting competition as players advance. Players are challenged to demonstrate understanding of learning objectives, Space Director’s guidance, and Space asset management.

Rapid 3D Visualization

The Space asset modeling and simulation engine enables rapid visualization of on-orbit satellites for rendezvous and avoidance scenarios. Players can run multiple scenarios in a 3D graphical environment with feedback and leaderboards.

Key Features and Benefits

Engaging Gameplay Modes

Competitive and enjoyable skirmish, campaign, single-player, or team play modes.

High-End 3D Visualization

Visualize on-orbit satellites for rendezvous and avoidance scenarios.

Scenario Authoring

Instructors can easily create custom scenarios, enhancing the learning experience.

Performance Analytics

Track your progress and compete on leaderboards, promoting continuous improvement.

Upcoming Features

Imaging and jamming; AI-enabled on-orbit capabilities; space object surveillance; and more

Get Started

Master satellite rendezvous, explore maneuvering and orbits, and learn about frames of reference, all in an engaging learning environment. Climb the leaderboard and become an Astrodynamics expert.

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