Multi-Frequency Planning Allocation

Dynamic Satellite Spectrum Allocation

MFPA optimizes the allocation of spectrum resources for advanced SATCOM frequency planning.

Maximize Data Throughput

MFPA ensures the efficient use of available spectrum to maximize data throughput that supports the identification of potential and known interference, as well as frequency clearance and host nation approvals. The core capabilities support real-world planning that enables operators to provide dynamic frequency plans for various platforms in a constellation or group of constellations across all orbital planes.

Resilience in Adverse Conditions

The dynamic nature of MFPA provides for contingency planning for unexpected disruptions, ensuring SATCOM resource usage remains resilient even in adverse conditions. Additionally, MFPA enables OPLAN planning, providing users with the capability to design and manage SATCOM resources in line with broader operational objectives and plans.

Flexible Applications

MFPA provides automated dynamic resource allocation to streamline the creation of frequency plans for a range of satellite spectral assets from single transponders on a satellite to large-scale constellations across multiple orbital planes.

Intelligent Tools

AI/ML techniques based on user-defined constraints and data gathered over time provide optimized frequency plans that ensure efficient use of bandwidth and power.

Common Operating Picture

The user-friendly interfaces provided by AEG’s common operating picture simplifies complex tasks into intuitive functionality that support human-on-the-loop and human-in-the-loop operations.

Detailed Reports and Histories

One of MFPA’s most valuable assets is the ability to produce detailed reports that provide insight into spectrum allocation across all transponders and satellites, empowering users with data-driven decision-making capabilities. The historical data analysis feature meticulously tracks past allocations to refine and enhance future allocation strategies.

Scalable Architecture

MFPA’s multi-satellite support is a testament to the scalable architecture that allows users to manage spectrum resources for multiple satellites simultaneously, whether they are overseeing a small cluster of resources or vast constellations.

Features and Benefits

Dynamic SATCOM Resource Allocation

Delivers dynamic frequency plans through optimized resource allocation of satellite spectrum

Common Operating Picture/User-Defined Operating Picture

Continuously updated user interfaces displaying operationally relevant information

Scalable Microservice Infrastructure

Implements a scalable microservice infrastructure to provide for the rapid deployment of new capabilities in both large-scale satellite systems and small-scale resources

Seamless Integration

Provides for seamless integration with AEG tools such as Terminal Resource Management System (TeRMS) and other external systems

Licensing Flexibility

Customers have options to manage product licenses, including using existing licenses or obtaining new ones.

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