RMS Automation and Management Solution

Real-time RMF

RAMS is a first-of-a-kind suite of artifact assessment and reporting tools providing a smarter, faster, and more efficient approach to risk assessment for cybersecurity engineers.

Higher-Level Risk Assessment 

Auria’s RAMS revolutionizes cybersecurity risk assessment with a suite of tools designed for efficiency and quality in RMF policy compliance. Tackling the time-intensive and manual nature of compliance work, RAMS streamlines the process, reducing assessment timelines from months to minutes.  

Time and cost savings with improved quality give time back to focus on computer network defense.

Automation Across Security Lifecycle 

RAMS streamlines cybersecurity risk assessment by providing automation support throughout the security lifecycle, reducing manual efforts and ensuring efficiency from start to finish. 

Decreased Project Startup Time 

The solution facilitates quicker project initiation with customizable policy templates, minimizing delays and allowing cybersecurity engineers to focus on critical tasks rather than spending excessive time on startup procedures. 

Efficient File Searching and Reading 

RAMS significantly reduces the time spent on searching and reading through individual files by employing automated scans, enhancing productivity and enabling engineers to quickly access the information they need. 

Error Reduction with Guided Workflow 

The step-by-step guided workflow in RAMS minimizes errors associated with manual review and administrative tasks, ensuring a more accurate and reliable risk assessment process. 

Improved Organization and Prioritization 

RAMS enhances organization for both cybersecurity engineers and customers through automated prioritization and categorization, offering a clearer and more streamlined approach to managing risk assessment tasks. 

Enhanced Cost and Time Estimates 

The solution improves cost and time estimates by providing a visual representation of the expected workload, enabling better planning and resource allocation for efficient cybersecurity risk management. 

Key Features and Benefits

Policy-Based Gaps Analysis

Automatically link policy evidence to supported CCIs with metrics on detected CCI compliance.

Automated Policy Assessment & Analysis

Streamline policy assessment and analysis, reducing man-months of compliance assessments to minutes.

Exported MAD with Linked Policies & Compliance Assessment

Export compliance assessment results with linked policies, enhancing transparency and traceability in risk management.

Verbiage Linkage Rules Management

Enable customization of fuzzy string-matching algorithms for linking CCIs to supporting policy verbiage.

Checklist Generation & Required Artifacts Listing

Generate checklists and lists required artifacts, aiding cybersecurity engineers in ensuring comprehensive compliance.

Evidence Interview Workflow

Provides a structured workflow for evidence interviews, ensuring a systematic approach to collecting and assessing data

TRL 6 (Technology Readiness Level 6)

Experience an advanced level of maturity and readiness for practical application.

Comprehensive Reporting

In-depth capabilities covering assessment history, selected CCIs, supported CCIs by criticality, imported artifacts, and documentation CCIs by control family.

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