Scenario Optimization Planning Engine

Rapid Scenario Development

ScOPE accelerates scenario planning with AI/ML-powered automation, reducing time, enhancing data quality, and improving test coverage.

Missile Defense System Feasibility Testing

Modeling and Simulation (M&S) events are vital for testing Missile Defense System
(MDS) feasibility. ScOPE streamlines scenario planning by integrating with the Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) simulation system and offering an automated approach to the resource-intensive process of optimizing test objectives with a variable range of 5 to 30 scenarios per event.

Quickly Plan Scenarios

By seamlessly incorporating test objectives and stakeholder requirements, ScOPE strengthens and enhances digital test infrastructure. Working alongside the Gamified Missile Defense Planner for visual verification and AI/ML model improvement. This agile approach empowers the RaSP team to rapidly plan scenarios, leveraging cutting-edge technology for superior scenario data quality.

Key Features and Benefits

AI/ML-Powered Scenario Development

Automate and expedite scenario planning, enhancing data quality and test coverage.

Integration with MDA’s Simulation System

Streamline optimization of test objectives across a variable range of 5 to 30 scenarios per event.

Digital Case Study (DCS) Optimizer

Map requirements and detect gaps within scenarios.

Gamified Missile Defense Planner

Visual scenario verification and customization for agile planning.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive, efficient, and adaptable interface for rapid scenario evaluation.

Deep Learning for Credible Scenario Generation

Generate credible scenarios that improve responsiveness and meet industry standards.

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ScOPE accelerates scenario planning, ensuring your testing meets the highest standards of quality and coverage. Elevate your testing capabilities today.

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