Test Automation Framework

Automated DevSecOps

TAF delivers an accepted DoD framework supporting the automation of application and integration testing, making programs test-ready day one.

Streamline and Accelerate Development

Recognizing that agencies struggle to incorporate full automation testing into their DevSecOps, TAF provides automated tools and frameworks that streamline and accelerate the development pipeline. Our innovative solution ensures timely and comprehensive testing that facilitates development iterations and meets production schedules, ensuring a successful DevSecOps pipeline across joint operational environments.

Every Development Stage

TAF replaces manual processes with efficient automation at every development stage, from code check-in to application deployment, seamlessly integrated into the pipeline. By leveraging industry-accepted frameworks and services, TAF delivers a reliable and extensible process that supports multiple levels of production testing, including unit testing, security testing, performance testing, and system/integration testing.

Embedded Pipeline Testing

Harnessing open source and industry-accepted frameworks and services, TAF supports automation testing across the entire DevSecOps pipeline. The test framework is embedded within the development pipeline to ensure test outcomes are an integral part of a product’s or system’s exit and acceptance criteria. Designed to to support both application testing and system/integration testing, TAF utilizes a single framework, so tests between the two testing areas are uniform and can be reused.

Video Test Case Recording

TAF allows you to execute test cases in virtual environments and record video of test cases as they are being executed. The recordings serve as powerful resources to help developers troubleshoot bugs or for producing valuable training videos.

Adaptable and Extensible

TAF test cases are written in Robot Framework, an open source, keyword-driven, natural language automation suite that has built-in libraries for supporting Sikuli (thick-client applications), Selenium (thin-client applications), and API and database testing. Robot Framework is written in Python and is easily extended to enable additional capabilities.

Features and Benefits

Continuous Authority to Operate (ATO)

Acceptance Test-Driven and Behavior-Driven Development (ATDD/BDD)

Test as a Service (TaaS)

Containerized Testing

Reduce costs (no license fees), low resource requirements

Rapid Plug-n-Play Testing

Across complete product lifecycle and DevSecOps environment

Reliable and Extensible CI/CD

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment

Flexible Testing

Multiple system environments including GovCloud, local, stand-alone, and bare metal

Multi-OS Testing

On/Off Premises Testing

Application Acceptance Testing (AAT)

UI-level, API-level, and smoke testing supporting thin/thick clients, Rest/SOAP APIs, and data access layers

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